Princess of the Glass Slipper by Jessica Day George

A sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball, Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George is another twisted fairy tale. All of the Princesses, except the two eldest, from Westfallin along with the princes and princesses of neighboring kingdoms have become part of a unique exchange program. Traveling to other countries in order to help with foreign alliances, Rose’s younger sisters are sent to a lot of different countries. Poppy, one of the twins is sent to a kingdom not pleased with her arrival. Soon after her arrival, Prince Christian, who was formally invited in order to choose a bride, befriends Poppy and they began to fall in love. Unfortunately, at a glamorous ball where Princess Poppy refuses to dance because of her previous ordeal and instead chooses to play cards with the men, a new guest that nobody recognizes comes to steal the lime light. Luckily, Poppy has many lucky charms to help her see through enchantments and she can see who the new Ella really is. Prince Christian and the others continually participating in the formal balls fall under the enchantment cast by this beautiful princess with the help of her Fairy Godmother and her beautiful glass slippers. Can Princess Poppy help her friends see through the differing enchantments surrounding the kingdom? And more importantly, can Poppy rescue her true love, Prince Christian?

Through the majority of this novel, I really enjoyed it. I really liked how level headed Princess Poppy was, even with all of the ordeals going on around her. She wasn’t ever afraid to be herself, even when she was the only girl playing cards at the ball. With each new twist in the plot I got more and more excited! As the story progressed I got more anxious to read the end. However, the last few chapters of this book felt really rushed. When I had finished it, I thought to myself “Is that really the end?” I even had to reread the ending because it was confusing and lacked necessary details. The rest of the novel was amazing had held my interest the entire time. I could hardly put it down, but when it was over, I was slightly disappointed.


Title: Princess of Glass

Author: Jessica Day George

Format: Paperback (uncorrected advance proof)

Page Nos.: 272


Publisher: Bloomsbury

Release Date: May 2010

Reviewer: Jillian

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Brandon Coleman Authentic Jersey

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