One Enchanted Evening by Lynn Kurland

Montgomery finally has a story! I have to admit I am a HUGE Lynn Kurland fan (I have every one of her books) and I have been counting down the days until One Enchanted Evening was available.

I fell in love with Montgomery when he was a teenager in When I Fall In Love and he was firmly convinced that Jennifer was from Faery.  Well, Montgomery has finally put all of that behind him, working hard to live up to the reputation of his father and older brothers (and it is alot to live up to).

Montgomery is given Sedgwick Castle by his father, a suspcious gift at best as it has holes in the walls and ceilings, guardsmen who are less than stellar and cousins who refuse to leave and are plotting Montgomery’s demise. But, it is Montgomery’s to call home so as he moves in to repair the walls and work on the relatives he is shocked when a fairy, wings included, appears on his drawbridge.

Persephone, known as Pippa, figures karma owes her after her apartment burns down with all her carefully collected vintage clothing and sewing machines in it.  Pippa is showcasing her designs at a children’s party hosted at her sister Tessa’s English castle in a final attempt to get her clothing design career to take off. On the night of the party, as Pippa is wearing her faery costume, she crosses the bridge of the castle and finds herself in the moat of a very different looking castle.

Montgomery is everything a knight should be: honorable, chivalrous, and not afraid to kick some serious trash when needed.  Pippa is a devoted sister who is a closet HEA fan (Happily Ever After).  As Pippa struggles to adjust to 1229 living, she starts to realize there are definite perks to staying with Montgomery.  Montgomery doesn’t feel like he has anything to offer a woman from his time period, let alone someone from the future.  As each struggles to deal with their growing feelings for each other a threat from within the castle threatens their very lives and makes each evaluate exactly what they want in life.

I enjoyed One Enchanted Evening, it felt a lot like coming home because I have become so familiar with Montgomery’s family and time period.  Nothing shocking or super unique about this novel as compared to her other stories but it was great to visit old friends and to see Montgomery his own love.  Did anyone else get the feeling that John is going to be the next one to get a story?  I highly recommend anything by Lynn Kurland!

New site up in addition to the new book, I LOVE the new site look! Lynn Kurland


Title: One Enchanted Evening

Author: Lynn Kurland

Format: Paperback

Page Nos.: 369

ISBN: 978-0-515-14791-9

Publisher: Jove

Release Date: April 2010

Available for purchase: Barnes and Noble, Alex Stalock Authentic Jersey

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