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I am pleased to welcome author Laura Fabiani to Novel Reaction.  Laura just published her first book, Daughter of Mine.


Nia, a Notebook and Homeopathy: Healing for the Soul by Laura Fabiani

What do the above three have in common? They helped me write my novel! Let me explain. Two years before I actually sat down and got serious about writing the story I had spinning in my head, I went through a very rough spell. I gave birth to my second child and suffered through post-partum depression, had the worst relapse of fibromyalgia, and a few months later tore an arm muscle—almost as excruciating as giving birth!

I looked like a walking zombie. My co-workers no longer recognize me. I had lost too much weight, my face was gaunt, and I couldn’t put a sentence together from the fog invading my brain. I had two children to take care of, but all I wanted to do was sleep, and maybe disappear, like…forever. Instead, I took advantage of all the loving support I had (devoted hubby, helpful Mom, doting sisters, caring congregation) and took some action. I went to see my homeopathic doctor. Within a month, the pain I had been enduring for months was gone! I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

My youngest sister, Katia, then introduced me to Nia. “I’m just managing to put one foot in front of the other,” I complained. “How am I supposed to do this Nia workout thing?” She ranted and raved some more until I went, thinking it was going to be the usual exercise class. I was stunned. I hadn’t had that much fun in a long, long time. Nia reawakened my creativity, my self-confidence, my sense of pleasure, my love for exploration and daring. Yes, daring. Dare I write a novel when all semblance of eloquence seemed to have vanished from my speech and thinking pattern?

I began carrying a notebook with me everywhere and scribbling in it furiously as I supervised the children at the park, the jungle gym, during bath time, and anywhere I could grab a spare moment. I was alive again, and I was celebrating! I was finally going to write that novel I dreamed of. At the time, I had no plans to publish, only to write. For those of you who have read Daughter of Mine, you will note that it is the perfect book to escape with because…well, I escaped when I was writing it. I wanted my readers to be with me in Rome and Gaeta as my main character lived her adventure.

Daughter of Mine is not just special to me because it is my first book but because I began writing it at a time in my life when I had to rediscover who I was. Writing it helped me heal—a soothing balm that eased the emotional pain that initially threatened to engulf me. It was a project born of my will to regain my life, to change the downward spiral, and to resurface new and ready to go! My advice to aspiring writers or any I’m-down-in-the-dumps-and-cannot-do-it folks: Take the right action and believe in yourself!


Thanks to Laura for stopping by! Every author has their own process and their way of writing but regardless of their process, something magical happens when a book is written (or read).  Individuals are swept away to new places, new situations, and new events. Laura shared with us where the Magic Happens for her.

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  1. It is indeed fascinating to read how the genesis of “Daughter Of Mine” came about, as author Laura Fabiani describes her individual path to it’s publication. I can only guess that, within her, was a creative force that could not be ignored; that only when realized was a physical well being attained. We all know that, among artists, writers are most prone to depression. More so then painters or actors. Just as one standing hypothesis of fibromyalgia is that it stems from psychological factors (Goldenberg, DL (April 1999). Her candor in this interview is beneficial, not only for men who should know about matters that relate primarily to women (post-partum depression and fibromyalgia), but also for writers in general, who are more prone to struggle with depression then the general population.

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