Author Visit and Giveaway by Laura Fabiani

I am super excited to welcome author Laura Fabiani to on April 19th. Before Laura comes to visit with us, I thought I would let you all get to know her a little better.  Laura Fabiani holds a degree in Special Care Counseling and has worked as a psychiatric child counselor and as a special education technician at various institutions.  She launched NouveauWriter, an online resource for new and aspiring writers.  It covers topics on writing, English grammar, vocabulary building and publishing and marketing.  She also reviews books at Library of Clean Reads.  She owns a translation business, mainly translating medical documents from French to English.  She currently teaches Creative Writing Workshops in English and French.  She lives with her two children in Montreal, Quebec.  You can visit her at Laura Fabiani.

I will posting my review of her book, Daughter of Mine, on Thursday so make sure you stop by for a visit.  In celebration of Laura’s visit, I have a copy of her book for one lucky reader.  The novel takes place in Italy, which is a place that I have always wanted to visit and which Laura does a fantastic job of describing.  In order to be entered to win the book, leave a comment telling me your dream location. The contest ends Monday, April 19th at midnight.

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25 Replies to “Author Visit and Giveaway by Laura Fabiani”

  1. Russia. I would love to see Russia and head back to Europe, again. Russia seems like such an interesting place to see. I’m always up for seeing Europe, again!

  2. I would absolutely love to go to Italy!!! I have always wanted to go to Italy because of the beautiful architecture they have as well as their history! So, that is definitely my dream vacation!!!

  3. Ireland. I’ve always wanted to visit there…the landscape is gorgeous and the history is really interesting.

  4. This may sound silly, to world travelers, but I really want to see the trees of the northwestern US. AND Prince Edward Island to visit the “home” of Anne.

  5. Kefallonia, an island in the Ionian Sea, one of seven islands off the coast of western Greece. There’s a village perched on a hill at the tip of the island’s peninsula, just a half hour walk to the beach. You can see the farmlands below and the ocean beyond, rising up seeming to touch the cloudless skies. That used to be home for me, even though I was not born there. It felt like home at the time.

  6. I would love to go to Italy, see Tuscony, Venice, everywhere and enjoy the food, everything.

  7. I would love to visit Rome, and Venice. While in Italy I would stop in a couple of little towns to visit relatives!~

  8. Latin America! My dream trip is to spend a couple of weeks touring South America and especially visiting the Mayan, Inca and Aztec ruins!! (and of course the breathtaking scenery too)

  9. My dream trip would be to return to Scotland and visit the highlands again. I felt so drawn and part of the land when there.

  10. Oh I would love to read this. I love Laura’s blog (Library of Clean Reads) too! Please enter me.
    My dream location currently would be Greece! It used to be Italy, but I was lucky enough to vacation there several years ago, and it was everything I could have dreamed (another reason I’d love to read this book). So to branch out my dream location to visit, I would have to go to the Greek mainland and the Greek Islands.

  11. I would dearly love to visit many of the places other readers have mentioned: Greece, Italy, Ireland, I’d do Scotland again in a heartbeat, etc. But I have to say that as the oppressive heat of summer in the desert looms ever more near on the horizon, and our efforts to passively cool the house at night to avoid using the A/C before May become more and more futile, my dream vacation becomes a trip north to just about anywhere in the Rocky Mountains – Glacier National Park, Waterton National Park, etc. My dream vacation at present would include evergreens (oh they smell so good!), a body of cold, crystal clear water (Brrr! Not for swimming) and the necessity of blankets at night.

  12. I would love to visit Rome, and Venice. While in Italy I would stop in a couple of little towns to visit relatives!~

  13. My dream trip would be to return to Scotland and visit the highlands again. I felt so drawn and part of the land when there.

  14. I would love to go to Israel and walk where Jesus walked. I’d also love to go back to Japan where I was raised as a young girl.

    Cindy W.


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