Ima Nobody Becomes Somebody! by Brenda Poage

I am very excited to present my first children’s book, Ima Nobody Becomes Somebody! by Brenda Poage, Illustrated by Jenna Murray.  This first grade reader is about Ima Nobody, a first grade reader who hates her name and feels picked on  by the neighbor boy Billy Do-good. As the school year progresses Ima gains a friend and is able to participate against Billy in the school Olympics.

I really liked how Ima didn’t allow her name to become who she was, even though she didn’t like the name her parents gave her.  I also liked how Ima and her friend came up with a plan for her to achieve her goal and then worked hard to achieve that goal.  This is a great book for anyone to read with/to their children to help them know how to deal with bullying that happens in school.

If you check out the author’s website, there are games for the kids to play and stories of real life bullying that children have submitted. Now I am pleased to be able to offer this book for one lucky reader. The contest will run starting today until next Thursday, April 1st with the winner announced April 2nd.  To make this a little more interesting, I want to know what horrible nicknames you were called as a child.  Post a name and be entered to win the contest.  I will start with myself, as is only fair, “four eyes” was the worst, I know, not really that bad as far as things go but it hurt my feelings that someone would be mean like that. Post your comments and win this great book to share!

Rating: 1

Title: Ima Nobody Becomes Somebody!

Author: Brenda Poage

Illustrator: Jenna Murray

Type: Paperback

Page No.: 79

ISBN: 978-1-4490-0158-2(e)

Publisher: Authorhouse

Release Date: September 2009

This book was provided to me by the author. Stefen Wisniewski Authentic Jersey

7 Replies to “Ima Nobody Becomes Somebody! by Brenda Poage”

  1. The worst I was called was in middle school they called me big nose. It’s that blasted Cottam nose I was blessed with and have passed on to 2 of my kids! Other than that there weren’t any names that rhymed with Megan other than Reagan. I have my fingers crossed!

  2. When I was younger, my mom worked a lot so my dad got me ready in the mornings. Needless to say, I had my hair in a slicked back ponytail almost every day because that’s what my dad knew how to do, or I would try to wear it down. Being that my hair is very thick, wavy and naturally frizzy, I quickly earned the nickname of “puffy head” if I ever tried to wear it down. It made me cry, but eventually I learned how to deal with my thick, wavy hair and now I love it. Now the only people who call me puffy head are my dad and my brother because it’s all a big joke now and we laugh.

  3. I was called HoseB (by my sister, Jessica). I pretty much made it through elementary school without any nicknames. Once “Never Been Kissed” came out I started getting called “Joceegrocee” which was just stupid.

  4. True, but I called myself that so I didn’t think it counted as a mean nickname (“Jessica” is just beyond small children to say).

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