Unfinished books

Do you have books you can’t seem to finish? I do.  They languish on my pile, mocking me for not finishing them and yet I can’t quite make myself move them from my reading pile.  I keep telling myself that I will finish it, just later.  Of course, later never comes and before I know it there is a stack of four or five books with bookmarks mocking me and making me for guilty for not reading them.  I used to have an unwritten rule that I had to read at least 40 pages but lately I can’t seem to make myself even read that many. In some ways I feel life is too short and there are too many books that I want to read to force myself to read something I’m not really enjoying but, I have to admit that sometimes, after I reach the 40 pages point, I really get sucked into the book and it turns out to be a fabulous read. I feel very torn about the entire thing. Do you have a set standard number of pages you will read before giving up the book for a lost cause or are you better than me and finish every book you start? Tennessee Titans Jersey

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  1. I totally know what you mean! AND when I finally make myself get back to those books, I have to reread some of the pages because I can’t remember exactly what has happened.
    I usually try to give a book an hour before I give up on it. However, there are plenty of books that I wish I would have given up on and read every last page, despite the fact that I didn’t enjoy the book at all. It is a never ending dilemma it seems.

  2. Usually if I do not finish a book it’s because I do not like it, or it isn’t a clean read or it has material I prefer not reading about. If the book starts slow I will pursue it because usually it gets better. Once I decide not to finish a book, I won’t pick it up again. In other words, I am finished with it for good. No guilt feelings either. I have too much to do and read.

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