Taming Lord Renwick by Jeanne Savery

Taming Lord Renwick by Jeanne Savery was a recent reread for me.  It is a Regency Period Romance novel published under the Zebra Regency label. Eustacia is the daughter of a Vicar who as passed away, leaving her in a precarious financial situation and in the care of her stepmother. Her stepmother, liking the finer things in life, has found the perfect husband for Eustacia, Mr. Weaver, a fat, elderly, smelly man.  As Eustacia and her step-mother are discussing (okay, the step-mother is telling Eustacia) the marriage plans, Lord Renwick and his aunt, Lady Blackburn, can’t help overhearing the stepmother’s strident tones and Eustacia’s quietly whispered “no”.  Lord Renwick, known as Jason to his friends, makes a comment to Lady Blackburn about how he likes the sound of Eustacia’s voice before he leaves for bed.  Lady Blackburn, willing to do anything for her nephew, interferes and whisks Euastacia off to stay at Tiger’s Lair, Jason’s ancestral home.

Jason having returned from India nearly a year before the incident at the Inn is nearly blind from a hunting accident where he saved the life of a prince, leaving him needing the assistance of those around him for just about everything.  Jason has retreated into his house and his shell, believing that because he can’t see he is not a full man and unable to function with others.  Jason’s only friend is the white tiger Sahib that returned with him and acts as his guide and protector.  Eustacia breezes into the Tiger’s Lair like a quiet whirlwind, upsetting the status quo and allowing Jason to realize that he is really not that limited after all.  Just when things start to heat up between Jason and Eustacia the prince arrives with his entourage to learn English ways, unfortunately the 10 year old prince is there against his will and things start to get interesting.

This is a book is a part of a series about a group of boys who grew up together but all returned from the war and India with their battle scars.  I like the book because Eustacia is the quietly determined heroine, who doesn’t believe she herself is worth much but sees the value in others, I also like how she is able to be understanding about some of the motives of the other characters.  Sahib is also a great addition to the story, how ofter do you read about a white tiger seeing eye dog?! He terrorizes the servants, make everyone to comes to visit Jason nervous and eventually saves the day, in more ways than one.  I also like that the hero has self-doubts and an impairment. (I mean really, was everyone in Regency Period England beautiful and perfect! I don’t think so!) I recommend the entire series and now need to go dig through my other books to find the rest of the books so I can reread them as well.

Rating: 2

Author: Jeanne Savery

Publisher: Zebra Regency Romance

ISBN: 0821764470

Length: 256 pages

Release date: December 1999

Format: Paperback

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