The Mistletoe Kiss by Betty Neels


Ermentrude Foster has always known that she was plain, looking in the mirror attested to that fact.  So why was Dr. Rued ter Mennolt unable to keep her out of his mind.  Emmy worked as a telephone operator to help support her parents and Dr. ter Mennolt was a visiting consultant from Holland.  But fate kept throwing them together and Ruerd found himself thinking more and more of Emmy, despite the fact he was engaged to be married to the beautiful and sophisticated Anneliese.  When disaster strikes Emmy, Ruerd steps in to help her and takes her to Holland to spend the holidays with his family.

I realize I seem to be saying that everyone is my favorite author but I have to admit that Betty Neels is one of my favorites. (Of course, this is my website so most of the time I am posting about authors I enjoy.) Most of her novels take place in both England and Holland, with fabulous descriptions of both locations that really make me want to visit.  Emmy is plain and doesn’t love her job but she has a loving relationship with her parents and is willing to work to help support them.  I love Emmy’s love and dedication to her family. Ruerd’s inability to get Emmy out of his mind despite her plainness warms my heart and how long it takes him to realize why he wants to assist her so much makes me smile. I have yet to read a Betty Neels that I haven’t loved and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 1


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