Author Spotlight: Betty Neels

bettyneelsphotobigwBetty Neels (1910-2001) was a prolific writer whose books are being republished to this day.  Betty was born in England and served as a nurse during WWII where she met her Dutch husband.  Betty, her husband, and their daughter lived in Holland after the war for 13 years until they returned to England.  Betty wrote her first book in 1969 after her retirement from nursing and, by the dint of writing four novels a year, wrote 169 novels before she died at the age of 91.

Betty’s love of Holland is evidenced by the detailed descriptions in her books.  Usually the heroine in the book is a visitor to Holland so the heroine does site seeing in whichever city or town she happens to be staying in. Betty’s books are so detailed regarding the locations of Holland that many fans have used her books to plan their travel itinerary.  (I personally plan to visit Holland someday and will use her novels to help me decide where to visit.)

Betty’s books are always sweet with the main characters having integrity, even when others do not act in the same manner towards them.  My mother was a HUGE fan, collecting all of her books and I remember my first Ebay purchase were the two Betty Neels’ books that my mother was missing from her collection.  Betty Neels wrote for Harlequin for over 30 years.  Most of Betty’s books were published by Harlequin in their regular contemporary romance line but I think it is interesting to note that her books have been continuously published since she wrote them and Harlequin published another series of editions (The Best of Betty Neels) in 2009.  I think (but I am not 100% sure) that she is the only Harlequin author to be continuously published (besides Georgette Heyer) ever.  You would think that the publishers would take note that the two continuous best sellers are both sweet romance novels and not erotica.

My mother loved Betty Neels’ books, she passed that love onto me and now my younger sister (18 years-old) loves her books.  After my mother passed away and we were going through her things, my sister and I started arguing over who got the Betty Neels collection because they are so good.  (Also, we both have fond memories of discussing the books with mom after we finished reading them.)

I highly recommend her books and some are available for ereader at both and

Betty’s story as told by Betty herself.

Homepage dedicated to Betty Neels.

Halequin’s dedication to Betty upon her death in 2001.

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