A Dance Through Time by Lynn Kurland


I thought I would start with one of my favorite books A Dance Through Time by Lynn Kurland.  I usually don’t enjoy time travel books because I have a hard time believing they are real. (Yes, I know, I read romance novels but I struggle nonetheless.) One thing I really like about Kurland’s books is the fact that she doesn’t glamorize the time period. Modern Elizabeth finds herself transported back to medieval Scotland. Elizabeth is immediately put into a dungeon pit full of bugs and a woman is burned as a witch at one point in time because she displeased her laird.

Kurland’s wonderful description of the time period allows one to see what it must have been like, the good and the bad.  This book is the first in series that is great and clean (except for Stardust of Yesterday and This is All I Ask is fairly descriptive of physical abuse main character experiences).  Elizabeth is also almost raped in one scene and they describe lifting her skirt but nothing beyond that. There is some brief nudity (James sleeps in the nude) but it is done more in the keeping of the time period than anything else. There are some references to the couple having sex but no description of the act itself and they only have it after they are married.

I highly recommend all of Kurland’s books and eagerly await her next book.

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  1. I also LOVE this book and this series. I particularly love Patrick’s story. He’s so awesome and she was a bit of a dunderhead but he was AWESOME. Keep posting on this series because they are truly good reading!

  2. I love her books! I was a little disappointed in Sunny and Cameron’s story as I thought there was far too much weeping involved from both chars, but I have enjoyed all of her other books. I’ve read/purchased all but one of her novels I think. 🙂

    Lynn is definitely a must read for the clean period books. I love the time travel ones because they’re not real. 🙂

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